If you need me, just check under my desk…

I’m going to work down here now. It’s very comfortable. Maybe I’ll just drag my computer down here, bring some snacks…. It will be just fine.

A former coworker and current friend of mine called last night to catch up. During our chat, she mentioned that our former boss had called her recently. In the midst of their conversation he said to her, “Hey did you know that Robyn does bikini contests?” My friend said yes, but clarified (which I appreciated) that I do fitness competitions. I’m wearing a bikini but it’s about being an athlete, not a sex symbol. She asked how he would know that, and I thought about it and considered maybe he saw me on linked in and googled me or something, and saw the youtube video that my trainer once posted.

I didn’t really think much of it at the time. She posted videos of all the girls she coached that year, and many of the girls are trying to get into fitness modeling or hosting their own workout DVDs, so it’s not a big deal for people to see them compete. For me, it’s a little different. I don’t want people to get the wrong impression. So after that conversation I decided to email my trainer and ask her to make the video private, so that it wouldn’t show up if someone searched me. I sent the link in the email and went back to work.

A few minutes later my team finished some public service announcements we are producing for Black History Month, and the editor posted the first one to youtube so we could more easily share the link with the client who is sponsoring the promotion. I copied the link and sent it along to the appropriate sales staff.

Only I didn’t copy the right link.

A few seconds later I got an email from one of the sales guys that read, “Robyn, you look amazing and you are really dark, but I don’t think you’re right for the Black History Month campaign.”



I sent them the wrong link y’all. I sent them the link of my bikini walk…. The very same video I was worried would be seen by too many of my professional peers. Sure my coworkers, many of them, are aware that I do some sort of fitness thing. They have commented when I’m super lean and super tan right before the shows. Having them know that I do that is one thing.

Sending them the video evidence of me doing so on stage is another.

I’m mortified.

The good news is, my trainer complied quickly and the video is down.

The bad news is, I feel like everyone at work is picturing me in a blue blinged out bikini.

If you need me, I’ll just be under my desk.

Wearing a red face and some very baggy clothes.