Christmas in Florida

The bad thing about having your sister move farther away, is that you don’t get to see her as often. The good thing is that when you do, you have a good excuse to stay longer!

I had Monday off work for the holiday, so I asked off at the barn and had a whole weekend free to hang out in Pensacola. I drove down Friday after work. Max was his usual helpful self… sleeping the entire way.

On Saturday morning it was time to open presents! (What? Isn’t that what you do on January 19th?  This was our late Christmas, since I spent the actual holiday in Ohio.)

My nephew Ben is really into Power Rangers, so I got him a black morpher and some other Power Rangers character that looked like a transformer of sorts.  Bottom line, I’m not sure what I got Ben but he seemed to like it.
ben gifts

Emma is into the Littlest Pet Shop characters, so that was an easy one.

em pet shop

And Abby…

Well, Abby wanted a bunny.  A real, live, hopping, nose-wiggling, carrot-eating bunny.   But I wanted to live to see another Christmas, and I knew my sister would not be happy with me if I got any of the littles a live pet.

So we compromised.  I found a stuffed animal that hops and wiggles his nose, put it in a cardboard box, and let Abby in on the prank.  We tried to act like there was a real bunny inside, but Mel’s no fool.   She knew I wouldn’t do that to her.

abby bunny

(“Mistletoe” is almost all of the fun of a real bunny, and none of the mess.)

I guess Mel sensed that I was looking for a cool bank for my change, because she got me one shaped like a cowgirl hat (yay!).  Abby made me a scarf/belt and I also got some guitar music that will help motivate me to play even more.

We decided to go to the zoo on Saturday.  Mel asked Ben if he had been to one in Korea but his response was something like “probably” so we’re not really sure.  He did seem to have a good time.  I asked him beforehand what he wanted to see, and he told me alligators.



I wanted to see monkeys and I sure wasn’t disappointed.  This zoo had a whole bunch of them…. including two in this cage that were cracking us up.   One was hanging out at the front of the cage staring at us, while his friend played with toys in the background.  When the active one dropped a toy, the quiet one yelled and made a really funny face.  I didn’t capture it, so I asked the girls to recreate it for a picture.

monkey faces

This is a spot on representation.

We also saw a ROUS.  (They DO exist, and not just in the fire swamp.)


The zoo also had plenty of goats, deer, and donkeys that we could feed.

ben feeds deer

We were having such a good time that we didn’t realize the place was closing and some workers had to (nicely) ask us to take our leave.

On Sunday we went to church, and then Abby wanted to work on her basketball skills.  She and Emma have both joined a team and are just learning the game.

But you wouldn’t know it by this picture.

abby shoots

Check out that form…. you just know that shot’s gonna go in.


Eeeexcept it didn’t.

Since neither of us is able to jump that high just yet, I knocked it down with my shoe so we could continue.

Then Abby got this cool action shot:

robyn shoots


Basically we are really good at taking pictures and looking like we can play basketball.  The actual skills will come later.

After that Mel and I went for a run at did 47 miles on the chip trail on base.   We could have done more but it was getting dark, and we didn’t want to further embarrass the new recruits that we blew by and lapped several times.   Rookies.

Monday we chilled at home, jumped on the trampoline, ordered pizza and went out for coffee drinks with whipped cream to celebrate all our activities.

And that must have really refueled me, because I finished first in our 2000m row, 100 squats and 50 power cleans CrossFit workout today.

That NEVER happens.

Whooo hooo… and Merry (late) Christmas!

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7 thoughts on “Christmas in Florida

  1. love the pictures and the compromise with the Bunny. I don’t understand 47miles on the chip….something? 4.7 ? 47? I can’t believe you and Mel both drank coffee?? Glad you had a good trip and visit.

    • I was joking about the 47 miles. We did run though. We just aren’t sure how far we got. And Mel didn’t have coffee… the girls and I went to Starbucks. No coffee for them, just a specialty drink.

  2. Are you shooting in the action shot? Seems dubious. I think the basketball was Photoshopped in. If you had actually been shooting, and shooting left handed, then your left wrist would’ve been bent towards the goal (in follow through) and your right hand would’ve been in a position as if you were going to do the Tomahawk chop. And your heels would’ve been off the ground more. I’m forwarding this to Snopes.

    • Your mistake is in assuming I know how to shoot a basketball. I “shot” it with both hands, not just my left. And I did jump – just look at my hair! Abby caught me just as I was landing.

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